Posted by Andrew Webster on Feb 25, 2009 10:30:00 AM

Evaluating the Feasibility of Simulations

Check out this article called “The Promise of Computer Simulation Applications” written by Dr. Robert L. Tremaine and published by the Defence Acquisition University as a part of their Human Capital Initiatives.

Tremaine reviews a couple of simulations, including GlobalTech of our ExperienceChange family.  The process by which he selects and evaluates the simulations is very methodical.  An interesting and well-qualified perspective to say the least.  Also interesting is the criterion he has established for measuring return on investment and general applicability of the tools.  A summary evaluation rates the simulations’ performance in several areas of consideration, including the following:

  • Performance learning model breadth and depth
  • Suitability for personnel
  • Situation complexity
  • Expected ROI (based on feedback surveys)
  • Unique infrastructure/IT dependencies

I’d encourage you to read the article and build on this list by adding here via comment; items and aspects of a simulation or comparable learning initiative/tool that warrants a closer look when exploring feasibility for your organization.

I won’t spoil it by summarizing Tremaine’s conclusions, but you are safe in assuming that I might not be so eager to blog about his findings if they didn’t put learning simulations and ExperienceChange in a favourable light! 

Happy reading.


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