Evaluating the Feasibility of Simulations

Andrew Webster, February 25, 2009

Check out this article called “The Promise of Computer Simulation Applications” written by Dr. Robert L. Tremaine and published by the Defence Acquisition University as a part of their Human Capital Initiatives.

Tremaine reviews a couple of simulations, including GlobalTech of our ExperienceChange family.  The process by which he selects and evaluates the simulations is very methodical.  An interesting and well-qualified perspective to say the least.  Also interesting is the criterion he has established for measuring return on investment and general applicability of the tools.  A summary evaluation rates the simulations’ performance in several areas of consideration, including the following:

  • Performance learning model breadth and depth
  • Suitability for personnel
  • Situation complexity
  • Expected ROI (based on feedback surveys)
  • Unique infrastructure/IT dependencies

I’d encourage you to read the article and build on this list by adding here via comment; items and aspects of a simulation or comparable learning initiative/tool that warrants a closer look when exploring feasibility for your organization.

I won’t spoil it by summarizing Tremaine’s conclusions, but you are safe in assuming that I might not be so eager to blog about his findings if they didn’t put learning simulations and ExperienceChange in a favourable light! 

Happy reading.


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