Responding to Feedback: GlobalTech Update, Feb 2010
February 8, 2010 | Change Management
by David Haapalehto

Even though we’ve been hard at work on ExperienceInnovation, we’ve made some time to respond to feedback we’ve heard on ExperienceChange: GlobalTech. We have addressed some minor user experience issues and added a feature we’ve had a lot of requests for—the ability for learners to interview stakeholders before the day of a session without the ability to implement tactics.

Thank you for continuing to provide us with great feedback! We hope these updates result in an even better experience for you and your learners.

We heard: “Can I have learners interview the stakeholders as pre-work and prevent them from implementing tactics?”

We created an ‘interviews only’ mode that locks the Tactics, Planner, Feedback, and Debrief tabs and automatically unlocks them on the day of your session.

We also heard:

  • Some learners don’t implement the “Employee Interviews” tactic because they confuse it with interviewing the stakeholders
  • Some learners are surprised when stakeholder interviews expire
  • Some learners aren’t sure if their games are being saved
  • Some learners accidentally accept their choices for tactics with choices like “Appoint Core Change Team”
  • Some learners get tangled up in the “Identify Problem” tactic
  • Some learners find it difficult to map stakeholders during the “Stakeholder Mapping” tactic because of the font used
  • Some learners feel the instructions for choices tactics could be clearer

We changed the name of “Employee Interviews” to “Walk the Floor” and made some updates to instructions, fonts, and pieces of the user interface to address these issues without changing how the simulation is played.