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ExperiencePoint, June 26, 2012

Here’s what some ExperiencePoint Certified Facilitators shared with us when asked to reflect on their unique global experiences:

Here’s what some ExperiencePoint Certified Facilitators shared with us when asked to reflect on their unique global experiences:

 Adam Grant, Associate Professor of Management, The Wharton School, USA

“When engaging stakeholders in the vision and strategy for change, participants love debating about when to adopt a more directive versus participative approach.  Executives from Western cultures tend to lean in the more participative direction, whereas those from Eastern cultures often default to a more directive, command-and-control model. It’s exciting to see that their experiences during a change simulation mirror several decades of research evidence”.


James van der Westhuizen, Owner of Knowhouse, South Africa

“Africa is the continent of change. Always surprising the pessimists and creating amazing solutions from sometimes tragic circumstances. One of the most compelling moments I had was when I was facilitating ExperienceChange GlobalTech in Kigali Rwanda (incidentally the cleanest city I have ever been in). After the session a participant got up, tears in her eyes and said: “Thank you for this knowledge. I now know how they engineered the genocide and what we need to do to stop it from ever happening again.”  I will never forget that day”.


Marcus Crow, Founder of Phuel, Australia

“The sports loving nation of Australia loves a contest! At different times it’s not uncommon to hear cheers and jeers or even witness brainstorm food of M&M’s flying across the room in playful jest at the points reveal of a passionate ExperienceInnovation session. Great learning and good fun”.


Shyam Viswanathan, Corporate Leadership Consultant, India

“Teams in my workshops are, usually, very diverse. We could have in the same team, participants from Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia and India. Players of the ExperienceChange simulation gain significant insights into the manner in which diverse team members interact and make their contributions. The simulation offers a platform to learn to respect and appreciate different approaches to analysis, communication and decision making”.


Pedro Parada, Associate Professor, ESADE Business School, Spain

“Our participants highlight how well the simulation experience travels around the world, across business cultures. They feel their real experience is well captured and the whole process is of outmost relevance to them. In general, in most European audiences we addressed, attendants want to debrief extensively and build on the model understanding its connection to other change approaches, and often how it links to the overall concept of strategy. So we are placing more emphasis on the activities after the simulation instead of the preparation we did before”.

Do you have a global story to share?  Share it in the comments section below.

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