We've Grown...Again!
August 19, 2014
by ExperiencePoint

We've grown...again!

Over the past few months, we’ve welcomed four new team members to ExperiencePoint! Andrew, Daniella, Sheena and Simon share a little about themselves, their intrests and their unique talents they bring to our team.


Andrew Blackbourn, Web Application Developer

My belief in innovation and design thinking has propelled me to my current position at ExperiencePoint. I have a diverse background in software development, ranging from games and sports websites such as the Canadian Football League, to chemical engineering simulations. I always strive to build resilient products, improve existing solutions and consider fresh perspectives.

After trying out ExperienceChange I was impressed to find that it is not only an effective change facilitation education tool, but also has a refined look and feel. I am thrilled to be working with the very talented EP team, and am looking forward to building things that work well, look great, and lead to real change.


Daniella Arevalo, Experience Coordinator

My background is in the hospitality and tourism industry. Naturally, I love working with people and providing exceptional customer service. I have worked at various organizations, most recently at the Ivey Business School’s Downtown Toronto Leadership Centre. I enjoyed working with the many internal and external clients to organize their training programs and meetings. I am thrilled to join the ExperiencePoint team as part of our Academic Partnerships! I am excited to start building relationships and look forward to supporting our academic clients with all their workshop needs.

On a personal note, in the warmer months, you will find me biking, running or hosting BBQs. In the colder months, I’ll be cheering on the Green Bay Packers and baking up a storm!


Sheena Pulapaka, Account Executive

My interests and passion lie at the intersection of business, technology and innovation. My past roles have had a mix of each of these, but I’ve really found the real sweet spot here at ExperiencePoint. I get to be part of some very cool work and can rub shoulders with folks in every industry who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share.

When I’m not helping to solve innovation and change challenges one simulation at a time, I can often be found wandering the streets of a foreign city with a good map or gorging on tiramisu. In my free time I enjoy thinking about, making and consuming all things edible. Looking forward to working with this amazing team and meeting you all!


Simon Wong, Quality Assurance Engineer

My background is in the analysis and design of information systems, an area I built knowledge around through a combination of working experience in the field and formal training. My interest in the the interplay between technology and business is followed closely by science fictions and Saturday morning cartoons. Here at ExperiencePoint, I look forward to leveraging my knowledge and energy to improve the quality of products and gain a valuable chance to work and learn with an awesome team.


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