The Best Videos to Get You Started With Design Thinking
May 2, 2019 | Design Thinking
by ExperiencePoint

The Best Videos to Get You Started With Design ThinkingIn today’s fast-paced workplace culture, learning happens in snippets. Whether you have 15 minutes on a train, or a gap between meetings, these in-between times can be a perfect place to learn a new skill, brush up on a topic, or explore a new concept — like design thinking!

So the next time you are sitting on a train or waiting for your lunch to arrive, consider spending that time watching one (or more) of these great videos about design thinking concepts and how they can apply to your work and organization:

The Explainer: Design Thinking (2:23) This Harvard Business Review “Explainer” video succinctly explains why relying on what happened in the past to predict what will work in the future is no longer a functional formula for decision-making. It goes on to explain why design thinking techniques can offer a better alternative, and how to get started. If you are trying to figure out how to make the case for design thinking in your organization, this is a must watch.

What is Design Thinking? (2:18) This compelling short video lays out the argument for design thinking by asking a profoundly simple question: when you go to a hardware store what do you really want — the drill or the hole it will create? It goes on to explain how thinking about design in terms of outcomes (rather than products) is the only way to truly delight your customers.

Design Thinking 102 (2:33) In this brief video, Sarah Gibbons, chief designer for Nielsen Norman Group, explains how approaching problem-solving with a user-centric mindset can deliver a measurable competitive advantage. She also provides an overview of the six phases of the design thinking process in easy-to-follow language.

Understand IBM Design Thinking in 10 minutes (10:08) If you’ve got a full 10 minutes to spare, this video is definitely worth checking out. In it Mirko Azis, an experience design practice lead at IBM, outlines the basics of the company’s approach to Design Thinking, which includes treating every product like an unfinished prototype waiting to be re-invented; and he shares the strategies his design team uses to drive innovation.

The Gap by Ira Glass (2:18) If you’ve ever doubted your creative ability, hated one of your own ideas, or are otherwise having a bad day, prepare to be inspired. This charmingly brief video, made by filmmaker Daniel Sax, is for anybody who ever questioned whether their work was good enough, or who is afraid to try something new. Plus it’s narrated by Ira Glass, who everyone loves.

Steal Like an Artist (11:14) This TEDxKC talk by author Austin Kleon's is a “creative manifesto based on 10 things he wished he'd heard when he was starting out.” It is a brilliant take on how building on other people ideas isn’t plagiarism — it’s transformation. He uses several examples from famous artists to prove his point.

None of these videos will you give you all the answers, but they all answer a few of the big important questions about what design thinking is and why it adds business value. Hopefully they will inspire you to learn more.

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