Restoring Employee Engagement Through Cultural Transformation
February 21, 2022 | employee experience
by ExperiencePoint

A state-wide insurance provider was faced with two problems: low employee-satisfaction, leading to high turnover, and major infrastructure issues. Internal research showed that the problems affected all levels of the organization, and were even creeping into the customer experience.

Concerned, leadership decided to plot a roadmap for success and make lasting behavioral changes. They reached out to ExperiencePoint to get change management training and, within a year, saw their fortunes reverse. Engagement scores improved, costly turnover declined and employees were able to contribute to an innovative workplace culture that became the envy of the competition for years to come. 

The Client

One of the United State’s leading providers of workers’ compensation insurance.

Company Profile
  • State-wide provider
  • 5,000 employees
  • 700+ leaders
  • 100+ years in business
  • >$4B in revenue

Company Mission
Become the insurer of choice in its region and retain the best employees in a competitive talent market.

The challenge: restore employee engagement and connection

The lackluster employee workplace survey indicated that staff wasn’t empowered or motivated to innovate. Using the results, the provider identified three pain points felt by almost everyone:

  • Employees felt stuck in an environment that didn’t welcome change. The systematic, rote nature of their work and lack of opportunities for feedback directly contributed to this feeling. 

  • There was no one to share innovative ideas with. The lack of infrastructure dedicated to innovation meant there was no pipeline for fielding great ideas.

  • Any leaders who did hear innovative ideas often couldn’t act on them. The existing system didn’t permit or empower leaders to bring great ideas into action.

As a result, company turnover rates steadily rose. Frustrations crept into the customer experience as more clients complained about the broken process. Both employees and customers were leaving the provider, and something needed to change — quickly.

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The Solution: A Cultural Transformation  

Initially, the insurance provider was ready to move forward with another partner with a more conventional training experience. However, ExperiencePoint’s method offered a way for the company to break old habits, scale change and own the innovation process long-term. When they realized that lasting change would only come from engaging all levels of the organization, they signed on the dot.

Leadership was introduced to the ExperiencePoint approach and began to develop an innovation-driven workplace culture tailored to their needs.

Initially, 20 employees were trained to serve as catalysts to spread human-centered design throughout the organization. Over 700 leaders and 4,000 employees were trained with our ExperienceInnovation™ Learn and ExperienceInnovation™ Apply workshops. As a result, a community of innovators started to thrive within the organization itself. 

The result: reduced costs and better experiences

As a result of working with ExperiencePoint, the organization’s leaders adopted a more human-centered approach to management and employees felt empowered to generate and enact new human-centered ideas. Human-centered design frameworks spread throughout the workforce, enriching customer service and revitalizing workplace culture.

In the first year of their change-journey, the company launched 15 new employee-generated projects, resulting in a system for billing contractors and new client services. New employee opportunities and promotions were developed, giving people a new sense of purpose. As a bonus, the company’s appeal as a workplace skyrocketed, attracting only the best talent in a highly competitive market.

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