Five perfect gifts for the innovator on your list
December 17, 2020 | Innovation
by ExperiencePoint

3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen Set

As an eager ideas-person, your loved one is likely used to jotting down ideas that pop off the page. 

Why not give them the opportunity to do so quite literally, with a 3D pen that will thrust their on-the-spot ideas into the tangible realm of reality. How? The device replaces a pen’s traditional ink with plastic filament, allowing the doodler to draw literally into the air and turning their whimsical etchings into tactile works of art. While the product is geared towards a younger crowd, its ability to ignite the imagination and to create on-the-spot prototypes makes it a wonderful gift for an innovator of any age.

100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job

You know how your resident innovator is always thinking up creative ways to make extra cash? Well in this new economy — where job instability reigns supreme — turning a fun side-project into a legitimate source of income might make that difference between surviving and thriving. This inspiring ‘ideabook’ by bestselling author Chris Guillebeau shares the related stories of 100 regular people who turned an innovative but easy-to-implement idea into a profitable side business, beyond their regular 9-5s. Further to these inspiring tales, he offers tips and tricks for creating unique and desirable products and services and shows any innovator how to get their side hustle off the ground.

Idea Generation Edison Deck

Even the most seasoned innovator needs inspiration before embarking on their next big venture. This dynamic deck of 150 cards is designed to unlock fresh, disruptive and creative ideas by throwing thought-provoking prompts at their reader whenever they’re pulled. Challenges such as recall and write down “10 products you bought and loved” or “10 recent moments of happiness in your life”, puts brainstorming into immediate practice and pushes any innovator to flex their maker’s muscle before tackling the next big idea.

Sticky Creativity: Post-it® Note Cognition, Computers, and Design

If there’s a wall in the residence of your friendly neighborhood innovator that isn’t plastered with Post-it notes, then are they an innovator at all? Sticky notes have long been synonymous with brainstorming and design, and since these vibrant note-keepers are likely the lifeblood of the innovator on your list, then why not invite them to learn more about their history. This fascinating e-book recounts the Post-it Note story — an innovative endeavor in its own right — then gathers researchers from the realms of psychology, computer science and design to understand why and how sticky notes are used, why they work well, and whether sticky notes could ever be as effective in the digital space.

The Motion Pillow

Research shows that we need a solid sleep to charge our innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. So what better gift could you give a great thinker than that of a deep snooze? An honoree in this year’s CES Innovation Awards, the Motion Pillow eliminates the snoring that can so easily rouse both the snoozing ideasperson and the loved ones who sleep near. How? A digital sensor near the bed records snoring sounds as the person sleeps, then sends the data to their phone for analysis. When the Motion Pillow app detects snoring, the pillow then inflates in various positions in order to find the person’s perfect resting spot until their snoring subsides. Rest well innovators, there’s great work to be done!

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