The Best Design Thinking Channel On YouTube
June 28, 2019 | Innovation
by ExperiencePoint

The Best Design Thinking Channel On YouTubeAnyone interested in learning more about design thinking should head directly to the High Resolution Channel.

This video series, hosted by design experts Bobby Ghoshal and Jared Erondu, offers interviews with some of the design industry’s most respected leaders. Topics include their approach to product design, human-centered design, innovation, and how they consider, communicate, and deploy these practices to drive incredible results. The channel is less than two years old, but it’s already amassed an impressive 35,000 subscribers and its content has been viewed more than 677,000 times.

The channel currently features 25 interviews with design experts from some of the world’s most innovative companies, including leaders from Facebook, Google, Citi, Uber, Microsoft and many others. Most of the full interviews run close to an hour, but you can also skim preview segments in a few minutes to hear the highlights. This channel is one of the most impressive collections of content on design thinking for innovation we’ve ever found.

Here are a few of our favorite interviews:

Ending Disability Through Better Design. In this powerful interview, August de los Reyes, head of design and research at Pinterest, shares how a life-changing accident that left him in a wheelchair changed the way he thinks about design. It helped him see that disability is less of a medical outcome and more of a “mismatch between a person’s ability and the designed environment they live in.” He also explains why diverse teams have the best shot at combating disabilities and exclusion.

Why Designing In Tech Is Different To All Other Design. John Maeda, head of design and inclusion at Automattic, also thinks inclusivity and diversity are critical to design success. In this interview he discusses the difference between classical design, design thinking, and computational design, and how customer centricity is at the center of all three.

Why Airbnb Uses "Stories" To Design. For all the non-designers in the world, wondering why they need to understand design thinking, check out this interview with Katie Dill, director of experience design at Airbnb. In the premiere episode of High Resolution, Dill succinctly explains the role of design to non-designers (hint: it’s about solving big problems in new ways), as well as how design at Airbnb is as much about how the site works as how it looks.

Prototyping Your Way To Massive Influence. In this design thinking crash course of an interview, Daniel Burka, design partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures), discusses how designers can elevate their position in a boardroom, describers the “Google Design Sprint,” and shares what he believes will be the biggest opportunities for design over the next five years.

The Importance Of Designing For "One-Size-Fits-One". In this interview, Kat Holmes, former principal director for inclusive design at Microsoft, talks about why designing for the "average" or "normal" customer is an impossible goal that gets in the way of innovation, and how inclusive design techniques help project teams generate exceptional products. Kat, we couldn’t agree more.


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