Top Posts of 2020
December 23, 2020 | POV
by ExperiencePoint

Throughout a challenging year, ExperiencePoint’s blog, The Prototype, has served as a go-to space for those seeking inspiration, advice and information related to the transformative power of human-centered design. While we are proud of all our posts, some have resonated with our readers more profoundly this year than others.

We’ve gathered our top 10 most-read blogs posts from 2020 in hopes that this shortlist helps to guide, propel and enhance your human-centered journeys into 2021.

Tesla uses Design Thinking to make E-Cars Cool

When it comes to driving innovation forward, no one does it with quite the same intensity as Tesla. In this blog we explore some of the latest autos being offered under Elon’s watch and question whether design thinking can help push these remarkable products beyond their present-day peak.

The Most Important Skill for the Future of Work? Design Thinking.

Research implies that soft skills — such as emotional intelligence, creativity and adaptability — will be in substantial demand post-pandemic, just as they were before. In this pre-pandemic piece, we and examine the ways in which the human-centered method propels these skills to the forefront

Leading in a Crisis: Using Human-Centered Design in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

How can a leader hope to strike a balance between saving their business and inspiring a workforce — all in the midst of a pandemic? Here we explore why taking a human-centered design approach to that question is a positive place to begin.

The 5 Mindsets of an Innovation Leader in Action

In times of great crisis, great leaders practice five key mindsets to help them drive innovation forward and inspire productive action. In this blog we review each mindset and provide a concrete example of each in action to inspire leaders along their way.

Become an Innovative Leader in 20 minutes or Less

The innovative leaders of now will define the next generation of successful business. To help you along your path to becoming an innovative leader, we recommend a helping of inspiring videos — each less than 20 minutes long — that offer practical tips for embarking on this important journey.

The Human-Centered Leader

Research shows that innovative leaders all share a core set of attributes that help them to engage with and inspire their teams every day. In this blog we focus on Mindset: Human-Centeredness, and explore how its practice can help to challenge assumptions and generate disruptive and bold ideas.

5 Human-Centered Design Techniques You Should Try Today

A New Year’s piece from early 2020, the advice in this blog still rings true following the circumstances of a tough year. It challenges readers to take a more human-centered approach to the way their business operates, offering five quick and easy strategies that will get employees excited about human-centered approaches and leave them wanting to learn more.

In Conversation with Mihir Andrei Mukherjee ExperiencePoint’s new Global Head of Sales

This Fall ExperiencePoint welcomed a new Global Head of Sales, Mihir Andrei Mukherjee to the team. In this candid Q&A, we introduce Mihir to our reader community and ask him some key questions around his future-facing strategies, the current state of the Learning & Development industry and what drives him to do remarkable work.

The HR Breakathon: How Cisco used Design Thinking to Transform its HR in a Single Day

This inspiring blog offers a retelling of a single-day transformation that occurred at Cisco — one that saw a complete overhaul of Cisco’s onboarding process, including the development of a mobile app designed specifically for new employees — all at the guidance of human-centered design.

Opportunities for Innovation during COVID-19

Encouraging readers to find opportunity in challenging circumstances, this feature brings forward a handful of innovative solutions that were harnessed during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and showcases the power of human-centered design to drive impact through crisis.