Exploring DEI: A Resource Guide
September 23, 2021 | Diversity & Inclusion
by ExperiencePoint

To cap off our four-part Exploring DEI series, ExperiencePoint has curated a guide of the best DEI resources for organizations looking to implement new diversity practices. Our guide was developed with the help of industry experts and features everything from top newsletters to extensive tool kits. Organizations can use these diversity resources to build assets like inclusive dress codes, assess their current diversity efforts or bring in professional guidance.

Remember, there is a significant overlap between design thinking and the process of implementing DEI. Organizations that already have a design-savvy culture can use design thinking cornerstones such as empathy, collaboration and open-mindedness to make their workplaces more diverse and inclusive. For more information on how human-centered design (HCD) can help implement DEI policies, check out part two of our series. 



Best DEI Newsletter

Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter 


Writer and activist Sharon Hurley Hall started writing anti-racism articles regularly after the murder of George Floyd in 2020. She subsequently launched her own anti-racism newsletter by the end of that same year. Sharon’s weekly newsletter includes articles written by herself and interviews with other anti-racism writers. She often presents stellar reading recommendations from her interview guests and introduces readers to famous activists like Ellen Wagner and Clay Rivers. 

Sharon draws on her own experiences of racism, based on several decades living in different countries and working with different companies as a consultant. She aims to publish at least eight articles a month, with at least one article a month reserved for paid subscribers of her newsletter. Otherwise, users can take a peek at previous newsletters online for free. Currently, the writer is working with Omnis Schools to create and deliver an anti-racism curriculum for young and adult learners, including running regular anti-racism workshops and co-facilitating an anti-racism allies community.

Best DEI Tool Kit

McLean & Company 


McLean’s comprehensive DEI tool kit helps organizations build a sustainable strategy by focusing on real people’s experiences to uncover systemic inequities. Titled ‘Create a People-First DEI Strategy,’ McLean’s tool kit is designed to help HR leaders create a strategy based on their organizations’ specific challenges. The tool kit features an assessment tool that uncovers gaps and challenges in your current diversity efforts. The tool kit also helps organizations establish strategic pillars that are then carried out by specific initiatives.

Used by brands like Gucci, Under Armour, Panasonic and Procter & Gamble, the tool kit takes organizations through McLean’s four-step implementation process. Although you need to supply basic information to receive the entire tool kit by email, you can download the document for free. 

Best DEI Podcast

Dirty Diversity- Janice Z. Gassam  


First-generation Cameroonian-American Janice Z. Gassam is best known for writing over 200 articles for Forbes magazine. She has also written a collection of best-selling novels, started her own podcast, led her own TEDx Talk and obtained a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. Her podcast, Dirty Diversity, now has over 15,000 downloads with over 15 episodes. Janice discusses effective conversations on challenging topics, tips for creating training workshops and cost-effective ways to improve corporate culture.

Janice reveals her success stories, as well as not-so-successful stories, from her consulting experiences. She often speaks about her volunteer work for the Coalition for the Homeless, where she helps women with job preparedness, resume-writing, and cover letter reviews. Only 30 min long, her episodes use current research and academic theories to break down complex subjects and teach non-Black people to support the Black community beyond symbolic gestures. Janice offers free access to all episodes on her site and access to her popular newsletter, The Pink Elephant.  

Best DEI Training 

All Things Equitable - Janelle Benjamin



Based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), All Things Equitable Inc. is one of the only management consulting firms addressing inequities in the workplace for all marginalized groups. All Things Equitable was established in 2020 by CEO Janelle Benjamin. Janelle Benjamin is a Juris Doctor with over 15 years of experience in diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and human rights. She previously investigated complaints of discrimination and harassment at the Ontario Human Rights Commission, led corporate-wide diversity & inclusion strategies and is now helping to make workplaces more diverse, inclusive, and safe through her consulting firm.

All Things Equitable differs from other DEI training firms because they educate through a human rights and equity lens, covering all marginalized groups regardless of race, gender, faith or ability. The firm features impressive content curation, custom resources, and multi-media training that incorporates current events to keep sessions relevant and timely. Today, the organization runs online learning modules all over the globe. Visit their website for a description of their services and riveting blog. The firm also has a youtube channel full of educational videos to assist white people from all walks of life, to become anti-racist. 

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