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Five Resources to Help You Learn About Design Thinking

ExperiencePoint, September 18, 2018

Five Resources to Help You Learn About Design ThinkingThere are a lot of great books on design thinking and how to transform your corporate culture through design thinking. But not everyone loves to read or has the time for long-form content. That’s okay. There are just as many visual and tactile resources available to help business leaders integrate design thinking into every aspect of the business.

Here are a few of our favorites:


What is Human Centered Design?

This short YouTube video from the renowned design thinking firm, IDEO, offers a simple, compelling overview of what human centered design is, how it drives inspiration, and why it adds real business value. If you want to learn the basics of design thinking philosophy in less than two minutes, this is the video for you.


Designers – Think Big!

In this 2009 TedTalk, Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, talks about what happens when companies shift from “design” to “design thinking” and how artists, engineers, and scientists have used design thinking methodologies for centuries to solve problems and create world changing innovations. It’s a profound presentation that showcases how design thinking can make a difference in the world by helping people ask brilliant questions, and craft brilliant solutions.



This online design thinking institute at Stanford University offers an incredible set of free resources for anyone interested in learning more about how design thinking works, and how to use it to unlock your creative potential for solving real world problems. The free resources offered at the site include this virtual crash course on design thinking; this Getting Unstuck audio course on how to gain a fresh perspective to solve a frustrating challenge; and the bootcamp bootleg toolkit, which is a constantly evolving guide for design thinking practices that offers dozens of specific methods to hone your approach.


Design Thinking For Everyday Life

This podcast from NPR’s Morning Edition offers a wonderfully practical perspective on how design thinking can help in everyday life. Rachel Martin interviews Dave Evans, a former Silicon Valley whiz kid who now teaches a course at Stanford University called “Designing your life.” He uses design thinking to help students understand there is no single perfect path for their future; the key is getting really good at making it up as you go along.


Get Better Data From User Studies: 16 Interviewing Tips

When of the most important elements of the design thinking process is gathering user feedback. This list of somewhat surprising tips from UX Researcher Michael Margolis will teach you how to quickly get strangers to talk freely and frankly about themselves, and their perspective on what you are trying to create. Our favorite: shut up and listen!

For more learning, inspiration and insights, don’t miss ExperiencePoint’s other posts to help you better understand how to use design thinking, so you can build better, more agile and more sustainable organizations. You can also learn how to enable innovation skill-building at scale here or download our free ebook Kickstart Innovation: A Guide for Organizations.


Kickstart Innovation: A Guide for Organizations

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