A New Definition of Diversity

by Kimberly Douglas

Creating diversity in the workplace isn’t just a politically correct exercise. Diverse organizations are proven to consistently deliver better results.

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What Critics of Design Thinking are Missing

by Nathan Waterhouse

A few weeks ago Harvard Business Review published an article by NYU professor Natasha Iskander that talked about how design thinking is sometimes viewed as a “poorly defined” knock-off of real design.

This viewpoint has surfaced before. Many critics of design thinking strategies argue that it is “real design,” and that only true designers can, and should, do design.

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Acceleration and Inertia

by Andrew Webster

How great change initiatives die when leaders are afraid to take risks

Fast and furious — that’s the goal for business today. The relentless pursuit of agile transformations, the desire to be disruptive, and the need for rapid iterative deliverables is all tied to speed. It all comes down to being innovative, and if organizations hesitate in this process or move too slowly, they miss perishable opportunities to grow their business and generate more customer value.

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Why The C-Suite Needs Design Thinkers

by Nathan Waterhouse

The rise of design thinking in the heart of business strategy

Customer-centricity is the business buzzword of the day — and that’s good news for designers. Every business conference, industry report, and study of CEO strategy shows executives are trying to figure out how to create a more customer-centric culture so that they can deliver more value to customers, the business, and their shareholders. Just ask Jeff Bezos.

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Get Aligned: The First Step to Getting Agile

by Andy Czuchry

Agile transformations have become the Holy Grail of business initiatives. Every company wants one, but few business leaders understand how to get there — or where the journey begins.

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