Innovation and Change Behind the Scenes: Designing an Inviting and Collaborative Office Environment

Posted by ExperiencePoint on August 23, 2017



We’re lucky to have an office environment that truly reflects and, in many ways, is an integral part of the ExperiencePoint culture. But with more EPers joining the team at a fairly rapid pace in 2016, our hallways started filling up as we began to run out of assigned homes for people.

How to solve the problem? Well, we had a few assumptions about what we should do, but we soon realized, the answers aren’t always as obvious as they may seem on the surface.

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Innovation and Change Behind the Scenes: Developing ExperienceInnovation Aware

Posted by ExperiencePoint on March 27, 2017

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ExperienceInnovation is a family of experiential workshops  designed to awaken, nurture and improve people’s creative reflexes. With the launch of Aware, the newest member of the ExperienceInnovation family of products, we thought it would be a good time to take a peek behind the scenes of ExperiencePoint’s product development process and the journey from idea to market.

We sat down with Greg Warman, who leads EP’s innovation practice, and Ross Tom, EP’s Head of Marketing, to find out what went into the development of Aware.

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Innovation and Change Behind the Scenes: Creating a Future City on Mars

Posted by ExperiencePoint on March 13, 2017



With the news that NASA has discovered seven potentially habitable planets and SpaceX plans to send two tourists around the moon in 2018, a future that involves space travel doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it once might have. So it’s good to hear that the enterprising youth of today are thinking ahead to what that future might look like. And our own Director, Customer Experience, Tanya Bell, has some firsthand insight about how they’re doing it.

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Innovation and Change Behind the Scenes: Getting Mindful Over Lunch

Posted by ExperiencePoint on January 31, 2017



As a company that is committed to not only teaching but applying a human-centered approach in everything that we do, having empathy—that ability to understand someone else’s condition from their point of view—is essential. We know that if we want to serve each other, our customers and our community in a human-centered way, we have to first understand what they’re going through.

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Innovation and Change Behind the Scenes: Building a Better Team Kit

Posted by ExperiencePoint on December 2, 2016



In this series, we’re heading behind the scenes at ExperiencePoint, introducing you to some of our team members and showing you how they’re using the principles of ExperienceInnovation and ExperienceChange to get game-changing results in their own areas and across the business.

For our second story, we wanted to delve into a classic innovation challenge. What better example than one involving our own innovation program?

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