Innovation Hubs Bring Design Thinking to Life

by ExperiencePoint

Global organizations are creating dedicated innovation centers to disrupt everything from fintech to snack foods.

Innovation hubs are the latest trend for public and private organizations looking to gain a competitive edge in the quest to disrupt their industries. These hubs provide dedicated spaces, where internal teams can work collaboratively with clients and industry start-ups to drive disruption and bring the creative process directly to customers and end users.

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Four Ways to Make Design Thinking Stick in Your Organization

by ExperiencePoint

One of the biggest challenges companies struggle with in adopting design thinking, is getting employees to use it outside of the training space. We’ve seen many teams flourish in design thinking workshops. They brainstorm hundreds of ideas, learn to ask brilliant questions and build prototypes that could become the next big solution for their industries.

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Design Thinking Myth #2: Creativity is an Absolute

by Kimberly Douglas

Do you remember when you were a little kid, proudly bringing home your latest drawing to display on the family fridge? It probably never occurred to you that your drawing was “fridge material,” or if you had what it took to draw a picture that deserved to be displayed so prominently.

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Design Thinking: The New Core Business Course

by ExperiencePoint

The future of work will be led by innovators. Demand for better critical thinking skills, more agile management styles and the ability to inspire creativity is already forcing companies to rethink their hiring and training programs for the next generation of executives.

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Why Research Not “Me-Search” is Key to Customer-Centric Innovation

by Keith LaPlante

When I work with executives in large companies, the most common feedback I hear is that they don’t have time for design thinking. Going through the process of observing customers, brainstorming ideas, building prototypes, then going back to customers to see how they respond initially sounds like an unreasonable request when teams face short deadlines and pressure to be first to market.

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