3 Ways to Unlock Creativity on Your Team


This post comes from IDEO U, an online school where anyone can learn to solve anything creatively.


Even just five years ago, in many corporate environments, only some people had permission to be creative. But that’s changing—and fast. Creativity has moved beyond fields like design and advertising, and become important in finance, law, and even medicine. It’s the tool everyone can use to break patterns, generate new ideas, and make big leaps. And at IDEO U, we know that creativity is not a fixed trait—it’s more like a muscle, something you can strengthen with practice and effort.

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Innovation and Change Behind the Scenes: Creating a Future City on Mars

by ExperiencePoint


With the news that NASA has discovered seven potentially habitable planets and SpaceX plans to send two tourists around the moon in 2018, a future that involves space travel doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it once might have. So it’s good to hear that the enterprising youth of today are thinking ahead to what that future might look like. And our own Director, Customer Experience, Tanya Bell, has some firsthand insight about how they’re doing it.

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Infusing Toronto With Creative Confidence

by ExperiencePoint

If you could ask David Kelley (founder of IDEO and Stanford’s d.school) any questions, what would they be?

This is the fun brainstorm topic we gave a recent group of ExperienceInnovation certification candidates. We then, to their surprise, brought in David Kelley to provide his answers!

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