The Secret to Enduring Competitive Advantage: What Game Changers Know

Posted by ExperiencePoint on January 11, 2016


“How do they do it?”

It’s a question we hear all the time. “They” might be referring to big-name innovators like Apple or Netflix, or it could be the big fish in a specific small pond—the one company that regularly blows everyone else in the industry out of the water (whether everyone else wants to admit it or not).

"They" are the companies that consistently put out offerings that tap into the desires of their audience. They’re agile in the face of relentless change and complexity. It’s like they have the magic touch, an uncanny ability to turn ideas into impact, and in the process, rewrite the rules of their industry.  

No wonder so many leaders want to unlock their secrets. 

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It's About Learning by Doing

Posted by ExperiencePoint on September 19, 2013

Our impact is growing not just because we create great innovation and change experiences for great people, but also because we’re leading a profound secular trend in the training industry. It’s not about simulations, or gamification, or mobile learning or other hot learning topics. It’s deeper than that. It’s about learning by doing.

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Globetrotting with ExperiencePoint

Posted by ExperiencePoint on June 26, 2012

From Australia to the UK and many countries in between, ExperiencePoint’s training simulations have run in 25 countries so far in 2012!

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Reflections on 15 Amazing Years...And Our Next 5

Posted by James Chisholm on June 2, 2011

A big milestone for our business – our 15th anniversary – is fast approaching this summer and we thought it would be fun to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future.

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GooTube - Part II

Posted by Greg Warman on May 3, 2007

Was Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition the result of decision traps?

This is the second part of an article on Google’s acquisition of YouTube.

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