Innovation and Change Behind the Scenes: Developing ExperienceInnovation Aware

Posted by ExperiencePoint on Mar 27, 2017 3:00:00 AM

(11 min read)

ExperienceInnovation is a family of experiential workshops  designed to awaken, nurture and improve people’s creative reflexes. With the launch of Aware, the newest member of the ExperienceInnovation family of products, we thought it would be a good time to take a peek behind the scenes of ExperiencePoint’s product development process and the journey from idea to market.

We sat down with Greg Warman, who leads EP’s innovation practice, and Ross Tom, EP’s Head of Marketing, to find out what went into the development of Aware.

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Innovation and Change Behind the Scenes: Video Brainstorming Yields the Ultimate Editorial Calendar

Posted by ExperiencePoint on Oct 14, 2016 11:03:00 AM

(7 min read)

Sure, we talk a good game about making innovation an instinct and change a reflex. But that wouldn’t add up to much if we weren’t actively walking the talk every day.

In this series, we’ll be heading behind the scenes at ExperiencePoint, introducing you to some of our team members and showing you how they’re using the principles of ExperienceInnovation and ExperienceChange to get game-changing results in their own areas and across the business.

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What Does It Really Mean to Create a Culture of Innovation?

Posted by ExperiencePoint on May 4, 2016 1:47:52 PM

"We need to create a culture of innovation."  

(4 min read)

So begins a familiar conversation in boardrooms across the world. The reasons for wanting innovation (game-changing products, services and processes) are well understood. But why "culture"?  

Here’s how Tony Bond, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Great Place to Work®, answers that question in his work:

Why focus on culture? Workplace culture, intentionally or unintentionally, affects how your employees and your customers experience the business and the brand.

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4 Ways Design Thinking Can Be a Powerful Tool for Change

Posted by ExperiencePoint on Feb 22, 2016 7:00:00 AM

(4 min read)

As we discussed in our previous post, a common challenge organizations face with their innovation initiatives is getting the idea out in the world. Executives put out the mandate:

We need to be more innovative. We want great ideas. Innovation needs to be part of our core principles and everyday practice.

But even when great solutions are introduced to the organization, many remain best-kept secrets, failing to ever reach scale. More often than not, the problem is that the stakeholders who will make or break the idea’s execution aren’t ready, willing and able to support its success. They haven’t bought in to the change.

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Are Your Innovative Solutions Gathering Dust?

Posted by ExperiencePoint on Jan 26, 2016 7:00:00 AM

(3 min read)

A company senses changes ahead in its market, changes that could rock its very foundation. Against this turning tide, it assembles an enthusiastic, talented team and gives them a mission: go create the future.

And that’s what the team does. It challenges convention. It tries out new ideas. It develops concepts and components that look nothing like the status quo. It’s a radical leap forward.

And they can’t seem to get management to care. The executives’ implicit question: How can this be our future when it’s not even part of our bread-and-butter product line?

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Partnering to Give Back (Part 2)

Posted by ExperiencePoint on Feb 27, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Over the past year we’ve teamed up with several partners to provide change and innovation training to some incredible nonprofits.  Here’s a recent story we’re delighted to share.

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Infusing Toronto With Creative Confidence

Posted by ExperiencePoint on Feb 21, 2014 10:00:00 AM

If you could ask David Kelley (founder of IDEO and Stanford’s any questions, what would they be?

This is the fun brainstorm topic we gave a recent group of ExperienceInnovation certification candidates. We then, to their surprise, brought in David Kelley to provide his answers!

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IDEO Hosts ExperienceInnovation Facilitators!

Posted by ExperiencePoint on Oct 6, 2012 1:19:00 PM

It’s impossible to overstate our love for our facilitators! Indeed, our work has impact because of this select group of individuals.

As a ‘thank you’, we recently organized a very special event at IDEO’s world headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. On September 28th, 35 enthusiastic ExperienceInnovation facilitators from around the globe united for a day of learning and extraordinary fun.

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Preparing Senior Leaders to "Walk the Talk"

Posted by ExperiencePoint on Jun 26, 2012 9:00:00 AM

What happens when you introduce 270 senior leaders to the innovative concepts of ExperienceInnovation ? You get a tidal wave of excitement leading to agile innovation.

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